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Soleil Pacífico

  • Hotel Soleil Pacifico is a company founded on December 20, 1999, as a Guatemalan brand, owned by Guatemalans, is characterized by the name "Soleil" which means "Sun", hence its name means "Sun of the Pacific", is located in Chulamar, municipality of Puerto San Jose, department of Escuintla, has approximately 15,300 square meters of construction, surrounded by green landscapes, entertainment areas and exit to the sea. It has two towers of rooms and a bungalow area for a total of 128 rooms, each with its own bathroom, air conditioning and cable TV.
    It also has parking for guests, lobby area, restaurants, 4 event rooms, swimming pools, water slides, soccer, basketball and volleyball courts, outdoor theater and a ranch for special events.
    It is mainly dedicated to receive national and foreign guests, restaurant service, social events, convention center and catering.

    Contact Information
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