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Requirements to Obtain the SICCS Seal.

Any tourist company that wishes to join must be a registered tourist service company in the Guatemalan Tourism Institute –INGUAT-.

  • 1. Have obtained the Q Seal in any of its categories.

  • 2. Request and signature of the process adhesion form.

  • 3. System implementation within the company.

  • 4. System pre-audit.

  • 5. After the pre-audit results, an auditor will be assigned to perform an audit of evaluation. This process can last from 15 days to a month.

  • 6. Once the audit report has been delivered to the technical certification committee, the decision taken by the national committee is valid.

  • 7. Those companies that approve will be granted a certificate valid for two years, to make use of the SICCS Seal, which has a regional recognition.

Form for the Tourism Quality SICCS Seal.

Calidad Turística