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Who applies to the Tourism Quality Label Green Q Seal?

Steps to start the process for the Tourism Quality Green Q Seal

In order to apply to the Tourism Quality Green Q Seal, the following steps must be followed:

1. Make a letter of application to start the Green Q Seal process, which should be addressed to the General Director of INGUAT. According to the site, it should contain the following approvals (signatures and seals):

1.1.1. Archeological Sites: request signature of the site administrator with the approval of the General Director of the Institute of Anthropology and History –IDAEH- and the Minister of Culture and Sports or its Vice Minister.

1.1.2. Protected Areas or National Parks: request signature of the Administrator of the area approved by the immediate headquarter (according to the defined hierarchy) and the Executive Secretary of the National Council of Protected Areas –CONAP- (if applicable).

1.1.3. Natural Reserves: signature of the Administrator of the site or area and the approval of the directorates, municipalities or ministries in charge.

2. Await a response from the Guatemalan Tourism Institute –INGUAT-

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