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Quality and Tourism Sustainability Certifications

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What are the Quality and Tourism Sustainability Certifications?

They are awards that guarantee continuous improvement and quality in the services and products of the tourism sector, looking for the right combination of attractions,infrastructure, facilities and services, capable of motivating the travel decision and providing a satisfactory experience to the visitor.

Types of Certifications

What is the objective of the Tourism Quality Certification?

The Quality and Tourism Sustainability Certifications aims to generate the favorable conditions for the implementation of a Tourism Quality System, which involves the implementation of specific actions by companies to contribute with the strategic results that aim to increase the competitiveness of Guatemala.

Quality and Tourism Sustainability Certifications.

Q Seal

The Tourism Quality Seal is the recognition through which the creditor company guarantees its customers the implementation of a remaining improvement process and the compliance with standards of quality and sustainability in its operations.

Green Q Seal

The Tourism Quality Green Q Seal, is a recognition granted by INGUAT to the Archaeological Parks and Protected Areas that implement quality and sustainability standards in its established services, establishing controls in the processes and services that guarantee tourist satisfaction, safety and comfort of the facilities.


The Central American Integrated System of Quality and Sustainability, is a certification system for the tourism quality in micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in the areas of accommodation, restaurants, tour operators, transportation and vehicle rental companies of all Central America.