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Who applies to the Tourism Quality and Sustainability Green Q Seal?

Al proceso para la obtención del Distintivo de Calidad y Sostenibilidad Turística Sello Q Verde aplican:

  • 1. Protected areas: those that are aimed at conservation, rational management and restoration of wild flora and fauna, related resources and their natural and cultural interactions, that have a high significance for their function or for their scenic, recreational, archaeological and protective values. In such a way to preserve, the natural state of biotic communities, the unique geomorphological phenomena, the sources and water supplies, the critical river basins, the agricultural soil protection zones, in order to maintain sustainable development options (National Council of Protected Areas).

  • 2. Parque arqueológico: archeological site that has cultural and civil vestiges that are considered national heritage.

  • 3. Natural Reserve:it is a semi protected area, this because of its great importance for wildlife, as well as for the flora and fauna of a country.