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  • The Orquigonia Private Natural Reserve was born around 1976 as a
    project of rescue and conservation of orchids of the Archila family. Mr.
    Carlos Archila Euler started as an amateur collector of these beautiful
    plants, when he returned from forests and jungles and found crops or
    pastures, and produced in him an environmental awareness that
    transmitted to children, grandchildren and other people who visited
    their nursery. This private nature reserve is located at 1,480 meters
    above sea level and although the physical area is small, there is a
    great biodiversity since May 2007 that the land acquired. The forest
    regenerated from natural way, which serves as a refuge for plants such
    as orchids, ferns, trees and bromeliads rescued from land intended for
    agricultural activities. The forest has developed with forest species with
    fruits and epiphytes with flowers, which has created a refuge for
    species of resident and migratory birds, as well as small species of
    reptiles and mammals.

    We had started to work in a small butterfly farm of local tropical
    species, a vivarium of tree frogs in danger in extinction, species to
    work with children and youth in the awareness of environmental care. It
    also has an interpretive path about 1 KM through a cloud forest. RNP´s
    Orquigonia vision is to convert the protected area into an area where
    conservation and protection is encouraged, generating actions with
    reproduction to prevent the extinction of natural species, be a research
    and education center, where you can also generate activities of
    sustainable tourism, adventure tourism and community tourism with the
    associate groups.