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Parque Arqueológico Quiriguá

  • QUIRIGUÁ, the powerful city of the Southeast area of the Mayan Culture
    The location of the city of Quiriguá was strategic, in terms of natural resources, it is located in the middle of the lush subtropical rainforest of the Caribbean Sea coast of Central America, in a valley formed by the mighty Motagua River, which each year flooded the region to make the land even more fertile. The valley has the Sierra de las Minas mountain range to the north and the Espiritu Santo mountain to the south, with game animals, hardwoods, aromatic resins and moldable resins. However, the main natural element that defines the settlement is the Motagua River, its tributary rivers and the proximity of the enormous Izabal Lake, with direct connection to the Caribbean Sea, through the Dulce River. Fishing in the rivers must have been fundamental for the settlement, but also as trade routes.
    Quiriguá was built in this strategic geographical point, as a point of exchange of goods from the temperate and volcanic highlands to the south, with the warm and karstic plains of the peninsula to the north.

    Written by: Oswaldo Gómez