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Pueblo Real

  • History of Pueblo Real
    Pueblo Real rose with the purpose of being an agro-tourist center that allows you to enjoy
    good food and nature, Tec pan’s atmosphere is characterized by cold weather and forests
    of pine, a good place to enjoy family time. Corporation Pueblo Real was created officially
    in 2011 with a family and environmentally friendly approach. The heart of Pueblo Real is
    the restaurant with a capacity of 340 diners, different private and semi-private
    environments, the house's specialty is grilled meat with national and international
    cuts. Different activities have been implemented according to the needs of customers; all
    activities have different administration. Among the attractions of Pueblo Real, we have
    vegetable planting, farm animal exhibition, horseback and tractor riding, a craft market
    that was created to support local artisans and painters from Comalapa, wooden artisans,
    traditional sweets, a Vida teashop, leathers and colors, all these places are part of the
    external infrastructure of Corporation Pueblo Real.

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