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Parque Arqueológico Nacional Tak'alik Ab'aj ( Abaj Takalik)

  • Takalik Abaj that in K´iche means “Stand Stone” played an important
    role in the trade of the region maintained a very long occupation since
    the Pre-Classic period Medium to Late Classic and maintained very
    important contacts with other contemporary groups like the Olmecs on
    the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Tak´alik Ab´aj constitutes one of the most
    relevant settlements on the south coast of Guatemala. Fortunately,
    thanks to the support of private individuals, the central part of the
    settlement has been preserved in excellent conditions allowing the
    investigation and restoration of its main architectural manifestations
    and registration of its numerous monuments that present Olmen,
    Mayan local styles. That is why it can be characterized as the threshold
    between Olmec and Mayan cultures.

    The category of Management corresponds to a National
    Archaeological Park with an extension of 30 hectares. The General
    Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture
    and Sports have protected it since 1987.
    Until now, more than 70 major buildings, 325 carved monuments and a
    rich collection of tombstones that demonstrated the majesty of its
    former settlers have been found. Few years ago, was found the burial
    of which is believed was the last ruler of Tak´alik Ab´aj.