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Hotel & Bungalows El Jardín

  • Hotel and Bungalows “El Jardin” has eight comfortable equipped
    bungalows for six people, and a maximum of eight. In addition to
    comfortable cabin, type rooms, four people and maximum five people.
    The bungalows equipped TYPE A have an equipped kitchen, breakfast
    room, living room, air conditioner, TV, two bedrooms and a bathroom.
    Also, your own garage.
    On the other hand, there is the Bungalow TYPE B equipped with two
    bathrooms, equipped kitchen, breakfast room, air conditioner, TV, a
    bedroom and parking for one vehicle.
    There is also the bungalow equipped TYPE C, it has a living room,
    breakfast room, equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, TV, air conditioner,
    main lobby and parking which is behind the bungalow.
    The Cabin Type Rooms have bathroom, air conditioner, TV, mini bar, 1
    king or queen bed and a mezzanine with 2 imperial bed bases.
    The hotel has its own restaurant “Cavettos Café”, specialized in
    breakfasts and its exquisite dishes. On Sundays, the Buff Service is
    offered, with a value of Q60.00 for adults and Q40.00 for children. The
    menu has appetizers, salads, pasta, red and white meats, seafood,
    sandwiches, hamburgers, as well as desserts and drinks (hot and


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Telefono +502 7772-5357

Direccion Km 188 Cantón Tierra Colorada, San Vicente


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Primer Sello Oro

Fecha Registro 2023

Segundo Sello Q

Sello Actual SICCS Verde

Vigente 2025

Tercer Sello Q

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