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Restaurante Cakchiquel

  • Restaurant located inside the Porta Hotel del Lago, the kitchen of our
    restaurant it´s complemented with some of the most stunning views of
    the lake and mountains in Panajachel, Guatemala. Relax, eat and drink
    while joining us to celebrate the love of food and the hospitality of
    Guatemalans. Enjoy delicious cuisine next to the views of the lake and
    the volcanoes that expanse for kilometers and confirm that our
    restaurant is so appreciated for its surroundings as for its food and
    Whether you are tasting a meal in our comfortable Cakchiquel
    restaurant reliving your evenings with cocktails at the Xocomil Bar or
    sunbathing with drinks and snacks next to the pool at El Mirador Snack
    Bar, you will enjoy a unique experience. Enjoy every time of your stay.
    We have menus written in Braille system.


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Fecha Registro 2023

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Vigente 2025

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