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Hotel Camino Real (Westin Camino Real)

  • The History of The Westin Camino Real was born in Guatemala, more
    than a half century ago. Is like the big brother hotel, not only for its
    longevity, but also for having the greatest capacity for guests within our
    family of hotels and for belonging to the Marriot chain, the biggest hotel
    chain of the world. One of the factors that makes The Westin Camino
    Real so iconic and popular in Guatemala is its architecture. This has
    made us one of the main references in the area. The Westin Camino
    Real Guatemala despite being an executive class hotel always goes
    beyond. This means that we do not fit into the routine.
    We have different recreational spaces such as the climatized pool,
    gym, tennis fields, among others. Staying at The Westin Camino Real
    Guatemala, is a renewing experience, you will feel better than when
    you came.


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