Villa de Don Andres

  • Villa de Don Andres
    B & B Villa de Don Andres gives you personalized service in a pleasant
    and quiet environment to make your stay a lodging experience.
    You can count with our following services:
     Closed circuit security
     Breakfast area
     WIFI in all rooms and common areas
     Computer, printer and photocopier
     Parking
     Laundry
     Organization of local tours
     Organization of events, trainings, workshops inside and outside
    the hotel.
     Medical service upon request

Contact information

Address: 13 Avenida 6-16, Zona 1, Quetzaltenango

Phone: 7761-2014

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Distintivo vigente:

Sello Q Oro

2017 - 2019

Historical Sello Q

Primer Distintivo Obtenido: 2017