Acanthus Boutique Hotel


    Acanthus Boutique Hotel & Restaurant; Cafe, is a family business that opened for business
    on April 26, 2018; it is located at 2nd street 16-53 zone 1 in the Historic Downtown of
    Quetzaltenango. This exclusive hotel is the first boutique-concept hotel established in
    Quetzaltenango, it provides customized service and it has a unique, relaxing and
    welcoming atmosphere, where you can feel like you are at home and where every detail is
    taken carefully, so every area deserves to be discovered. The hotel has full-equipped
    rooms, a cafe, and a restaurant; a room for conferences and meetings, a craft shop and
    decoration items, as well as a beautiful garden and pergola to enjoy the tranquility of the
    place. The Cafe-restaurant serves gourmet and bistro-style dishes, highlighting its
    specialty: breakfasts and snacks.